Here’s How To Fix The Most Common Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than You Are

Girls, we know it, there’s nothing quite like a great hair day. That feeling when you can’t stop catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or running your hands through your layers is priceless. Unfortunately, a bad hairstyle can cut through all that confidence and leave you looking older than you are. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to update your look without a lot of time or money. Shraddha from POPxo Beauty shows us 4 common mistakes that make you older than you are and how to fix 4 of them. Just make sure the“don’ts” are on the left-hand side of the pictures and video.

See them below:

1. Center parting can add a couple of years to your age

According to Shraddha, you have to part your hair a little further down the side of your hairline.

2. Going overbroad with your straightener can accentuate fine lines. Add subtle waves for a softer look.

Shraddha suggests that if you add a bit curl to your ends, they will create a softer look and make you appear younger than you really are. It can be done with flat ironing as well if you don’t have a curling one for the moment!

3. A tight ponytail with a center part can make you look older. Comb all your hair back and keep it loose on the sides.

Instead of ditching the ponytail all together, Shraddha simply combs her hair back like she did before, except this time, she makes it so the sides are much looser.

4. A tight bun draws attention to every line and wrinkle on your face. Pull out short hair strands from the hairline for a more carefree look.
In here as well, you should apply almost the same thing with the upper example. Those fine lines aren’t accentuated if you give your hair a more carefree look by only pulling out the short strands.

For more you can see the video below:

Source: POPxo Beauty

Now after you watched the POPxo Beauty’s video yourself, did you find any of the tips useful? Which one of them did you like more? Please let us know, in the comments section as we’ll be reading them.

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And what I mean to say is, go for the hair transformation you’ve always wanted to try, and see what happens next.

So, for a bit of inspiration, check these men whose hair transformations might prove to be a source of inspiration to you:

1. A completely different and fresh look.

hair transformations good barber

Credit: Imgur

2. Cut and style.

hair transformations good barber

Credit: Reddit/the_frantic_posaune

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Credit: Instagram/ @jackthesnipper_

4. Bold and drastic once again.

Credit: Instagram/ @clayton_keith_hair

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Credit: Instagram/@clayton_keith_hair

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Credit: Instagram: @1246barber

7. Explore different hairstyles.

Credit: Instagram: @1246barber

8. From long to short.

9. Fresh new look.

Credit: Instagram/@clayton_keith_hair

10. A haircut.

Credit: Instagram

11. Cut and color.

Credit: Instagram

12. Work of art.

Credit: Instagram

What do you think? Do you find any of these hair transformations inspirational? Have these helped you make your decision? Let us know in the comments.

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