These Celebs Are Rocking ‘Glass Hair’ And We’re Here For This Trend

This summer has introduced us to many fashion and beauty trends. We have seen people glamming themselves up to the latest trends, we have seen them opting for stylish ensembles, beautiful accessories, and so on. What we have noticed most, recently, is the attempt of the 90s to make a comeback. I mean, the successful attempt at coming back. People have been wearing 90s inspired clothes, they have been detailing their ensembles with 90s accessories, like scrunchies, hair clips, and a lot more. And, well, many women have eve opted for the high-waisted jeans, and swimwear, as well as the crop-tops that immediately reminded us of a past era.

However, when it comes to hair trends, there have been oh-so-many hair trends going on lately. An example is the bangs that many of Victoria’s Secret ladies have gotten. Elsa Hosk, initially, went for a 90s era Jennifer Aniston. The bangs she got are all the way adorable, bouncy-looking, and they fit her perfectly. (Read more about it here).

However, the one hair trend that has been all over the place, is the bob haircut. I mean, it has been going on ever since the beginning of time, but it has shown an increase this past summer. At least from what I’ve noticed, celebrities have opted for it, and so have we, the non-celebrities of the world.

But the one look that has been spotted all over Instagram as well is the ‘glass hair’ hairstyle. Originally reported by Refinery29, glass hair is a sharp haircut that looks smooth, polished, and shines a lot. Celebrities have overtaken Instagram with their shiny bobs aka glass hair, and we’re all here for it because honestly, it looks way too satisfying.

See below for some perfect examples of the glass hair, and let us know your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

1. Jenna Dewan

celebs rocking glass hair

JENNA DEWAN / Photo credit: @cashlawlesshairINSTAGRAM

2. Khloe Kardashian

celebs rocking glass hair

KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN / Photo credit: @khloekardashianINSTAGRAM

3. Olivia Culpo

celebs rocking glass hair

OLIVIA CULPO / Photo credit: @oliviaculpoINSTAGRAM

4. Hailey Baldwin

celebs rocking glass hair

HAILEY BALDWIN / Photo credit: @jennifer_yepezINSTAGRAM

5. Kim Kardashian

celebs rocking glass hair

KIM KARDASHIAN / Photo credit: @chrisappleton1INSTAGRAM

6. Ashley Graham

celebs rocking glass hair

ASHLEY GRAHAM / Photo credit: @justinemarjanINSTAGRAM

Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments’ section below, we’ll be reading.

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